Friday, September 30, 2005

Incomprehensible ????

I was reading NDTV today and saw the sensational headline. 'CBI conducts raids on govt employees'. long last..was my first thought. But I thought too soon. I should have known better.

Raids were conducted but of course someone found a way to leak information to the guilty parties. This is just like the movies. I am not one of those people that believe that indian movies emulate real life but in this instance its true.

So tell me, if some one in the CBI managed to leak ultra secret information about the raids, then I guess the next step is an anti - corruption raid on the CBI itself.

Its laughable really. People who uphold the law are the first ones to turn it into a laughing stock.

And look at me. I am no better. I know the futility of writing about this but could not help myself.

Farewell to Honesty & Integrity......Welcome to Profiteering & Delinquency OR rather RULE ON Nepotism!!!

.....Woe Betide