Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gandhi Park, Meerut - Feminism OR Vigilantism

Any one who saw the video clipping of the happenings at Gandhi Park, Meerut on ------- would have definitely wondered whether the police had inside information on the couples who were slapped so vigorously on camera.

Since the idea behind this public rampage was to stop eve teasers - maybe the police had conducted a thorough investigation and found out the guys who were in the park that day enjoying a quiet solitude with their significant others used to be eve - teasers who actually managed to "eve tease" the ladies into becoming their partner in crime.

The adaucity shown by the police astounds me. Did they actually think that walking around the streets of Meerut would lead them to eve-teasers?? Especially when they were in full uniform?? Are the eve - teasers that stupid or are the police so powerless that incidents of eve - teasing would occur in full public view of the police who are walking around with a camera crew no less.

I wonder if any of these women police officers have ever been eve - teased? Eve-teasing is done in such a subtle manner that people walking by do not even know that its happening. Police in uniform walking around with a camera crew is not going to stop it.

In fact I am sure that the perpetrators of this kind of crime, are having a nice time laughing over such pathetic attempts.

Unbelievable ......